CONDATO© Smart Window Film has been upgraded with the latest PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) technology that provides 90% of VLT which delivers extraordinary viewing experience. It offers a next generation of alternatives to curtains/blinds/shades or privacy film, enable the occupants to be able to control the amount of light / solar heat that enters the building and build a more comfortable environment than ever, and optimise the working/meeting spaces and create dynamic environments that are functional and productive.

Visible Light Transmittance: 
Haze Co-efficiency:
UV Blockage:
View Angle:
Response Time: 
Frequency Range: 
Power Consumption:
Working Voltage:
Switch Times:
Working Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Other available colours for option:
Milky White
90% (transparent),  60% (non-transparent)
< = 3% (transparent), >=95% (non-transparent)
>160 °when being transparent, 360°viewable for projection
<45 millionseconds switch from off to on; <200 millionseconds switch from on to off;
48-60V AC
> 2 million
Over 10 years (indoor use)
-20℃ to 70℃
5℃ to 35℃,<70%RH
grey / black
24 months
Call: 096 923 6040
Line: 098 661 4248
Office 1: 02 136 7823
Office 2: 02 136 7824

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