The cutting edge architectural glass laminated digital smart window film, which is extensively used in residential, commercial,hospitality, education, healthcare, vehicles, security, retail and advertising.
It provides instant privacy, office partitioning, sun control, UV & IR protection, energy efficiency, enhanced safety, pleasing ambience, advertising display and much more. The cost-effective, versatile, aesthetically pleasing solution for your home and workplace.
Digital Smart Glass (also known as LC Switchable Privacy Glass, Intelligent Glass) is a laminated glass product that sandwiched Smart Window Film between two layers of glass and conductive interlayers, which is activated electrically with the latest PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology that is enabled to changes instantly from clear to opaque through touch remote, smartphone or voice command.
● Create 100% privacy on demand
● Control the sunlight and solar heat that enters the building and reduce the uncomfortable dazzling glare
● Prevent up to 99% of damaging UV rays to effectively reduce fading of your furnishings while maintaining well visibility to outside
● Decrease the cost of lighting, heating and cooling inside the buildings
● Strengthen your window without any compromising your view, be fire-resistant & shatter-proof, especially in the regions that happen hurricanes. It also can decrease the chances of intruder break in.
● Optimise the working/meeting spaces and create dynamic environments that are functional and productive
●Give stylish, luxury and aesthetically pleasing interior
● Increase the performance of accoustics of interior and enjoy your quiet space
● Build your personal home cinema with custom sized displays
● Transform into a writable surface that facilitates planning, brainstorming and learning, which can be wiped away easily with alcohol
● The maintenance is simple and easy, unlike the draperies, blinds and curtains, CONDATO® Digital Smart Glass just collects a small fraction of dust accordingly the maintenance work is kept to a minimum level.

CONDATO® Digital Smart Glass is extremly versatile glass technology that is applicable throughout home, office, education and training center, marketing center, banking, healthcare market etc. It is easy to see in the conference room, board room, trade show, bedroom and bathroom window/door, hospital


White Digital Smart Glass provide a clean, natural and aesthetic glass solutions for reinventing your space whilst offering privacy control, comfort, UV block, improved security and design.


Grey Smart Glass allow less light go through the architecture, the amount of solar heat energy transmitted is less than that of white colour, which is applicable to cloakroom, storeroom, partitions, and interior design options etc.


Dark Smart Switchable Glass support advanced architectural and interior design strategies, provide superior privacy and light-blocking performance during daytime and decorative options for the office buildings, restaurants, retail environments to disguise undesirable views.


Blue Smart Glass is a colour option for interior design purpose and control the sunlight and solar heat that enters the buildings. It can also optimise the working/living spaces and create dynamic environments that are more functional.


Tawny Smart Glass reduce the uncomfortable dazzling glare and effectively reduce the fading of your furnishings while maintaining excellent visibility to outside.

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