Total facade concept

ChromoGenic’s total facade glass concept represents the best the market has to offer within performance glass.
The three product lines provide increased indoor comfort, improved energy efficiency and architectural freedom.
At the same time, our planet is supported on its journey towards a more sustainable future.

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Increased indoor comfort

ChromoGenics increases the health and wellbeing of both the people in the building and the environment we all share. Regardless of season, our product provides necessary daylight, comfortable temperatures, unlimited views, comfort for all workspaces and UV-protection. Compared with traditional solar control solutions, we are happy to reveal that ConverLight increases the indoor comfort with up to 76%.
Everybody needs daily contact with sunlight. With ConverLight, your facade glass will preserve up to 75% more daylight, increasing occupant comfort and working productivity. Our unique and patented static solution has up to 40% lower direct solar transmittance compared to similar competing products, but still has similar light transmission.
With ConverLight you don’t have to fear the effects of direct sunlight, it gives 100% UV protection. The unique glass laminate in our dynamic facade glass product also provides safety via laminated and tempered glass, plus noise reduction features.
ConverLight is not only about solar control, it’s about all aspects of indoor comfort. Our dynamic glass provides solar heat reduction up to 90% and can be integrated into control solutions and be adjusted according to solar sensors, temperature sensors, calendars and even offer solar control of defined zones. This guarantees a pleasant indoor climate even if the sun is gazing all day on the facade glass, without losing the benefits that natural daylight has on the human body.
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Energy efficiency & sustainability

Buildings with glass facades normally imply substantial heating and cooling costs. According to the Global Status Report 2017, made by UN Environment, buildings and construction together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when upstream power generation is included. The message is clear, smart and sustainable buildings is the answer to a great deal of the climate challenges of today.
ConverLight works as an automatic climate system that blocks unwanted solar heat before it even enters the building, keeping the facilities cool and generates a stabilized indoor climate where the temperature is adapted to the current season. ConverLight can actually reduce the use of cooling energy with up to 44%.
With our facade glass products you can achieve energy saving of 30-40% in a property where the current glass is of the older 2-glass type. The results using ConverLight, with minimal power consumption, are reduced cooling demand and potentially decreased requirements for HVAC investments.
Lower energy consumption also means a reduced environmental footprint. ConverLight’s energy reducing features contribute to fullfillment of requirements of environmental certifications such as BREEAM, Green Building, Svanen and LEED. ChromoGenics also has an environmental product declaration (EPD) published where the life-cycle environmental impact of our product is declared. Go green with ConverLight!
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Architectural freedom

We value design flexibility and integrity, our products gives the architect full freedom of design as our solution only has minimal effect on the architectural expression of the building. Our products are easy to install and suitable for new construction, retrofit and renovation.
ConverLight can be delivered as an insulated glass unit and other shapes such as triangle, round, polygon and even as curved glass. ConverLight also offers UV-protection of interior material and can easily be combined with e.g. anti-condensation, self-cleaning, extra clear, sound reduction, safety and fire glass.
Finally you can avoid the use of external solar protection that can be perceived as misplaced and difficult to maintain.
Our solar panels are tailored to match an architectural desire or company profile. The facade glass can be delivered in selectable colors and patterns to create a unique property design.


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